About the Athur

My name is Tim Hughes.  I’m 53 years old, I was not born here in Pleasant Grove but I’ve been a resident here for over 26 years.  My wife and I have three kids all of which have attended both the elementary and high schools here in Pleasant Grove.

I have been involved in the community for quite some time.  For over eight years I was the scout master for Troop 120 here in Pleasant Grove where I personally saw ten scouts achieve the rank of Eagle, one of which was my son.  I give all the credit due to the parents and other scout parents and leaders for this accomplishment.

I believe our community is experiencing some growing pains especially since the tornado that hit our community back in 2011.  We lost several good people that day.  But, we’ve still got many good people here that are trying to make things happen to where Pleasant Grove a growing community again.  It’s hard to do so when there are also those that want to constantly bring our community down by, not necessarily spreading lies, but constantly reminding us of things that hasn’t been done or promises slow to being met.

It is my promise to you the reader, that this site will used to tell the good in the community.  We will focus on non political and truthful stories that need to be told of our young men and women doing good things for our community.


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